URM for maximum flexibility in the selection of state-of-the-art and future networking structures. Using the 8-fold connector system is a smart and a safe investment for an easy realization of the 4x10 Gbit and 4x25 Gbit bandwidth requirements.


  • Easy migration from duplex channels to 8 fiber parallel optical channels using special patch cables
  • Connector acc. to DIN Spec 40032 "Made in Germany"
  • Low operation costs and quick payback

With 1024 fibers at 6HE URM achieves an aboveaverage packing density. Compared to normal solutions the space saved may be used for an extra 40% active devices. This will increase computing power and performance of the data center with the same space requirements, cutting operational costs to a minimum.


  • Intelligent and individualized system components
  • Pre-cabling of nonstandard systems (storage, main frame)
  • Stat-of-the-art cabling system for a safe and quick installation with up to 25% time saved, thus reducing the ensuing installation costs

The combination of high-performance cabling systems and system integration in compliance with DIN EN 50173-5, 50600, IEEE by the euromicron service team will guarantee performance on the highest possible level.


  • Lowest insertion loss and full-scale interferometer inspection incl. documentation
  • Individual system solutions tailored to suit the specific customer requirements in the planning and expanding of distribution technology up to the final wiring
  • Service-friendly infrastructure cutting down on downtime and service costs