IEC standardizes fiber-optic connector family URM

High-density connectors for data center cabling certified in accordance with the IEC standard 61754-34:2016-10

Up to 192 fibers per HU are possible with the euromicron fiber-optic connector URM
Photo 1: Up to 192 fibers per HU are possible with the euromicron fiber-optic connector URM

EUROMICRON Werkzeuge GmbH, a euromicron Group company, has successfully had its URM (yoU aRe Modular) fiber-optic connectors certified in the standardization process of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). URM is a multi-fiber connector system in a small form factor design and has been specifically designed for high-density applications in data centers. In October 2016, the URM connectors developed in Germany assumed a firm place in the IEC 61754 series of standards for defining optical connectors and have been bindingly regulated in the individual standard IEC 61754-34:2016-10 (Fiber optic interconnecting devices and passive components – Fiber optic connector interfaces – Part 34: Type URM connector family).

They are available as two- and eight-fiber connectors and impress with a high packing density, as well as ultra-precise, spring-loaded ceramic ferules. Due to the fact that every single fiber is guided individually, they permit ideal polishing of the fiber end faces, with the result that URM connectors achieve a low insertion loss of less than 0.2 dB. In data center cabling, the URM system is thus a powerful alternative to MPO connectors and permits direct adapta-tion of the IEEE 802.3bm standard from Base-12 to Base-8 connectivity. The performance advantage of the URM connector is of significance in particular on transmission links with a low loss budget, such as in the current development in high-speed data traffic from 40Gb Ethernet, up to 100-GbE and 400-GbE or up to 32-GB Fibre Channel.

Photo 2: URM 8-fold plug
Photo 2: URM 8-fold plug

The URM connectors are manufactured by EUROMICRON Werkzeuge GmbH (Sinn-Fleisbach/Central Hesse). The connectors are processed into high-performance cabling systems for data centers by euromicron’s subsidiary LWL-Sachsenkabel GmbH in Gornsdorf/Ore Mountains.

You can find more details on the euromicron URM connector system on the URM microsite at The official publication of the individual standard IEC 61754-34:2016-10 can be obtained from the publisher VDE-Verlag (